Access control systems can be simple or complex - depending on your needs.

Access control can allow cardholders access to different areas of a site, or access at specific times and even restrict cardholders access to specific areas at different times.

Access control systems can also be used in elevators to control access to different floors.

Access control systems may also contain time zones when a door can be unlocked or a period of time when a door can be locked, or a period of time during which a card will or will not operate for example. 

Common access control

Magnetic Stripe Readers, Proximity Readers And Barcode Readers.

The most common access control system readers consist of the following types:

Magnetic stripe readers, proximity readers, and barcode readers.

Proximity readers are the most secure technology.

Passive radio frequency and active radio frequency are types of proximity card technology that are currently available to access control installers. 

A smart card is an access control card with a microchip that can store additional data and/or a picture.

Advantages of magnetic stripe and bar code cards are their low cost and ease of use, but the disadvantages of magnetic strip and bar code cards are their limited durability, ease of compromise and duplication.


Electric locks 

Door Strikes, Electromechanical Bolts, Magnetic Locks And Electric Mortise Locks


Numerous types of electric locks such as door strikes, electromechanical bolts, magnetic locks, and electric mortise locks (electric knobs) can be used in access control systems.

Magnetic locks are often used in access control systems. A magnetic lock can be released by the access control system controller, or by using a request to exit motion detector, request to exit push button, or a crash bar.

Fail safe locks the door when power is applied and unlock the door when power is removed, and fail secure locks the door when power is removed and unlock the door when power is applied.

Biometric devices

Newest Devices 

Biometric devices are arguably the most modern devices added to access control systems today.

Facial recognition, iris recognition, biometric passports, hand geometry, retinal scans and fingerprint scans are all forms of biometric devices.

Using an access control card or keypad code or key can make a biometric system even more reliable.
For commercial use, fire Systems are required to interconnect with Access Control systems for life safety purposes. When a fire alarm system trips in a building for example, the magnetic door locks should automatically unlock.