After installations we understand how important maintaining your system is, after all,

we appreciate a significant amount of investment is usually put in, 

which is why we have put in place succinct measures so this does not go to waste

and your system works at an optimum level for the long-run.

Our policy is not 'lock up and leave' but rather 'longevity'. 

Our role is not limited to supplying and commissioning the product. 

We understand how weather conditions, vandalism, and general wear and tear can all eventually take a toll on your systems, compromising their effectiveness. 

In such cases, we offer a prompt and reliable responsive repair service so your system is up and running again!

But since prevention is better than cure, you might want to consider a regular maintenance schedule plan - which can prevent such an issue from arising in the first place. 


What we cover

  • Installation 

Weather made can cause wall cracks, or maybe something hits the camera affecting its position. Camera cabling and connectivity needs a regular check to make sure nothing is compromised by weathering damage or  corrosian. 

  • Field of view

Another important factor, FOV or, Field of view must be checked to guarentee you are covering the areas you want it to as per the intial installation. 

  • Presets and patrolling 

If you have a PTZ camera in your system, 

checking the presets, patrolling and patterns are in accordance to your intial set up are important. 

  • Cleaning 

Cleaning of dome cameras and lenses is common place, we reccomend at least twice yearly, this depends on the enviroment of the installtion, and the climate which can bring dust or even snow. 

You may find bugs, or birds nesting under your camera or just close enough to cause vision FOV issues. 

  • Condensation 

It is common that some Dome and bullet cams gather condensation problems that may not be visible upon inspection. This can build up over night, especially after rain.

  • IR Operation 

Infrared cameras sometimes have problems with reflection or with the infrared cut filter. Checking for IR reflection hitting the camera lens is important. This can be caused by walls and reflective obejcts that are too close to the cameras, scratches or dust on a dome or housing. We check your ICR ( infrared Cut filter removal ) is working as it should.  

  • Firmware Updates

IP cameras run on an operating system 

that runs different types of services which are frequently updated to correct software glitches and improve hacking security. 

It is important to update the cameras firmware where considerable quality or feature updates are due or available. 

  • Network and server rack maintenance 

It is part and parcel of CCTV maintenance routine to check racks that where installed in the facility stay in working condition - SEE BELOW 

  • Violation 

The racks hold the servers, switches, recorders, routers and other devices that are essential for your system. 

They need to be locked with only authorised personell given access. We make sure the racks are protected and no violation has occured.

  • Cabling and connectors 

Checking the cables and  connectors to make sure everything seems ok - seems obvious but rust, corrosian, pulling, or damage caused by animals is common - we can replace your bad cables and conncectors if needed. 

  • Equipment

The servers, recorders and network devices such as switches and routers must stay in working condition. 

We check the fans are not overheating on spinning hardware or unsual noises that may indicate an issue, we can also run diagnotic tests where the issue is not visible. 

  • Power

The equipment inside the racks are very important for your system. 

We make sure the UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply ) is working as it should. 

  • Server & PC maintenance 

Also another hugely important part of your systems running. 

Making sure these are maintained by the following tasks are paramount: 

  • Hardware 

We check the fans, cables and connectors to make sure all are in working condition, replacment any components if necessary . 

  • Software  

We run diagnostic tools to make sure your hardware, opertating system and software are working as expected. 

We check for unsual behaviour with the VMS or any other software running in the server or PC. 

  • Updates

We update your VMS ( vendor management system ) software, drivers, and anything that is necessary to the latest stable version.

All features are tested prior to installing in our customers computers to prevent damage.  



1 x year plan

A monthly charge of 12 % of the total costing of your project ( installation, software and labor ). 

This covers 'preventive maintenance' to avoid failure of the system.  


3 x year plan

A monthly charge of 8 % of the total costing of your project ( installation, software and labor ). 

This covers 'preventive maintenance' to avoid failure of the system.  


rolling contract 

An ongoing monthly charge of 15 % of the total costing your project ( installation, software and labor ). 

Opt out anytime. 

This covers 'preventive maintenance' to avoid failure of the system as well as software related tasks such as VMS updates and configuration